Hand Crafted Wheat Weavings
& Home Made Maple Syrup
by Ed & Marje Shook

wheat weaving Corazon Flidhaus wheat weaving wheat weaving Friendship Wreath wheat weaving Love Mordiford wheat weaving Wedding Mordiford
Wheet-N-Sweet Maple Syrups Half Gallon Maple Syrup Quart Maple Syrup
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We offer for sale, various wheat weavings and maple syrup, from our farm in the beautiful rolling countryside of Madison, Ohio.

Wheat Weaving is a Folk Art that dates back hundreds of years. In many cultures, Wheat Weavings have been a symbol of good luck and have been found in grain growing areas around the world. Originating in the European countries as "corn dollies", corn being a generic name for grain, these became known as "wheat weavings" in the United States.

Today wheat weavings are a blend of traditional and modern designs. The straw of various grains is woven or plaited to make decorative pieces for the home and as gifts for special occasions. I have many other designs, please contact me for special requests or custom work.

Our shopping cart of wheat weavings currently consists of:
  • Corazon - Traditional House Blessing design
  • Love Mordiford - Engagements - Anniversaries
The following are original designs of Marje Shook
  • Flidhaus - the Celtic goddess of cloven-hoofed animals
  • Wedding Mordiford - Traditional Wedding Gift
  • Friendship Wreath - Remember friends in our lives
  • Eco friendly bracelets made from straw
Our Ohio Maple Syrup is offered in 3 sizes: Pint, Quart, and Half Gallon, which is made from our Maple Trees and processed here on our farm.
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